60 Minute Cities: Montréal


I created a 60 minute field recording album with the soundscapes of Montreal, released under Bivouac recording label. For more info visit the Bivouac site.

Audio Track Listing:1- Going For Breakfast With My Mom (6:00) / 2- Eating And Drinking Amid Conversation Swarms (6:00) / 3- Reflecting At The Top Of A Hill Over A Quiet Drone (6:00) / 4- Lingering At Snowdon Station (6:00) / 5- Listening To Motors And Autumn Shuffling At A Bus Stop (6:00) / 6- Regenerating At Langelier Station(6:00) / 7- Sitting In A Warm Spot On A Bench At A Grocery Store (6:00) / 8- Working To A Street Sign Clamour (6:00) / 9- Standing In A Narrow Passage At Rush Hour (6:00) / 10- Passing By A Nest Of Birds In A Tree On A Wet Street (6:00)

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