Topo is a contemporary dance performance best described as “a topographic representation of bodies reacting to the geometry of their environment.” (Ariane Dessaulles, choreographer). As composer, my role was to create a soundscape in tangent with the choreographer’s vision. I embarked on this collaborative project because urban topography and human movement therein fascinate me. In Topo, I use sound as an architectural structure to contain and regulate the movement of the dancers whom I envision to be urban dwellers.

This piece will be presented at dance festival Tangente in October 2018.

Choreographer : Ariane Dessaulles
Dansers : Ariane Dubé-Lavigne, Laurence Dufour, Kim L. Rouchdy et Jeimy Oviedo
Set : Robin Brazill
Video and projections : Emilie Allard
Composition and sound design : Joey Zaurrini
Lighting design: Darah Miah

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